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The School Hazard-Emergency-Lethal Threat Response (SHELTR) Program is the only complete school safety solution in the world. This comprehensive program has been developed by US Military Veterans who specialize in tactical training and global security programs.

The SHELTR Program is comprised of custom training, individual defense products for classrooms, and a Lethal Threat communication and tracking system. The SHELTR Training is a 3 day “on-site” activity in which our Tactical Experts meet with Local Law Enforcement to collaboratively develop a strategic plan of action specifically for your individual school should a crisis or Lethal Threat occur, conduct a complete “On-Site” security assessment of your school to determine safe evacuation routes and potential danger areas, and finally to conduct an innovative training and workshop session for your teachers, administrators, and school staff. Each SHELTR Program is tailored to the schools specific building design, daily operations, and geographical location.

In addition to the SHELTR Training course, protective defensive products have been designed for the classrooms to provide children and teachers individual protection against a Crisis or Lethal Threat. All of our products are designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA.